Essay Related Questions Answered By the Professionals of New Zealand

Essays are an important part of the learning process at almost every level of academics. Essays serve as a means to put your experiences and ideas on paper. This not only improves your critical thinking skills but also boost your research and writing skills.

When a student is assigned to write an essay, a lot of questions come to his mind. Students often seek essay help when they fail to get an answer to these questions. Although these are basic questions but must be answered to get a good head start for writing an essay.

Therefore, today we have some basic questions and answers that every student must know before writing an essay.

Q1. How to avoid plagiarism in essay writing?

Ans. The answer to this question is essential to improve your knowledge and save you from the curse of plagiarism. When you use someone else’s ideas or words in your essay without giving any credit, you are said to be plagiarising. To avoid this, you must put such information in quotes and provide complete reference about it.

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Q2. What are the different types of essays?

Ans. Although there are several forms of essays, they can be broadly classified into 4 types-

  1. Expository Essays – In such essays, you have to analyze the topic on the basis of facts and figures. Examples of expository essays are How-to essays, cause and effect essays, and compare and contrast essays.
  2. Narrative Essay – In this, you have to tell a story based on either a real-life experience or an incident. To write such essays, you need to be creative and engage the reader with interesting twists and bits.
  3. Persuasive Essays – On the basis of facts and statistics, this kind of essay aims to convince the reader of your idea. You have to clearly state your opinion and support it with convincing arguments.
  4. Descriptive Essays – Writing such essays is like drawing a picture in front of the reader. You have to describe the situation, characters, and emotions such that the reader is able to easily correlate with your idea.

Q3. How to draft a five-paragraph essay?

Ans. This is the most common and basic essay which covers all the important parts of writing. It comprises a strong introduction, 3 body paragraphs covering the major arguments, and a conclusion summarizing your idea. Your writing must be clear and crisp in a 5 paragraph essay.

Q4. How to reference an essay?

Ans. If you are quoting other people’s work for essay writing help, you must provide a reference. Some popular referencing styles provide complete guidelines for referencing different kinds of text. These are Harvard referencing, APA referencing, MLA referencing, Oxford referencing, etc. You can follow any of them or the one suggested by your professor.

Hope you have got an answer to the basic questions related to essay writing. This will provide you with great assignment helpand you will be able to score good grades in your essay.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Essay & Its Structure

The word ‘essay’ is generated from the French word. An essay is a short article or short subjective composition writing. Word count depends on your professor. As compared to paper writing, essay writing is much easy, as there is no need for deep research and systematic presentation of thoughts. It is formal writing on a given subject. In essay writing, you need not worry about the structure of the essay. The essay presents useful information to readers. You have to write on a topic related to academic subjects but in your own words and with your point of view. It should not in the form of a list, but it must be descriptive like a story. It is necessary to put effort to express your thoughts and ideas. If you are struggling to explore your points, ask for help from a top essay writing service. 

There are a few types of essay writing through which you can express the ideas.

Informative essay
The informative essay provides information to readers with the simple basic structure of essay writing and much more useful knowledge.

Argumentative Essay
This essay shows an argument concerned with a problem. Write your views supporting a side of the issue. Give evidence that are addressing your thoughts.

Compare and contrast essays
This type of essay examines the differences and similarities between the two topics.

Descriptive essay
This type of essay is always expansive. As the name suggests, it describes the things so that readers can view the things in their minds. Organising structure is very much necessary for essay writing will save time and the best presentation, so construct an essay with given steps and follow instructions to generate the thoughts.

The title must be brief and interesting to readers so that they can start reading eagerly.

It is necessary to give an attractive introduction to grab the reader’s attention. Write about the background of the topic and then write an essay statement.

Make outline
Do a plan for your writing, such as which point where you want to present. Use that plan in the main body for final writing work.

Main body
Prepare some points on which you have to write paragraphs. The main body should contain 4 or 5 paragraphs. Each paragraph should start with the sentence addressing the title, and the paragraph should address the essay statement or argument statement. Write the final concluding statement or answer to the argument statement in the main body.

Summarize main points from each para, restate the argument statement or essay statement in a different way. Write the consequences or effect related to the topic.

Mention the list of books, journals, and sites you have taken reference for essay writing.

Proofreading is a necessary part before submission. You can correct the mistakes and check the flow of writing. You can remove an unfamiliar statement in proofreading.

The essay takes much time to complete expansive writing. To target the best academic essay writing implication, feel free to contact the top essay writing service.

Decide what type of essay you have to write, achieve your deadline, and upgrade your academic grade with the best writing services.