2016-17 – Phase 1

The QES Team (scholars and interns) in 2016 really hit it off, getting along extremely well with each other. The dynamics among the group were excellent, producing strong friendships that will last a lifetime. This strong dynamic really enhanced the cultural learning, interdisciplinary learning, research training, and development of leadership and communication skills. Spin off benefits include effective work together, benefitting all the partners involved in the project, especially the community of Naari, Kenya. The other two Kenyans fit in well during the brief time they were with the group during the summer. Back in Canada, the Kenyans and Canadians continued to have a very strong connection, doing many activities together.

2016 group

The team members included: Dennis Makau, Joan Muraya, Emily Kiugu, Sarah Muthee, Grace Wanjohi, Anne Shileche, Ali Frye, Kelsey Goodick, Catherine Williams and Kira Stratton, along with supervisors Drs. John VanLeeuwen and Jennifer Taylor.