Edward Kariuki Ng’ang’a

Edward Kariuki Ng’ang’a is undertaking my Masters degree at the University of Prince Edward Island, thanks to the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships Program. He will be working with small scale dairy farmers in Kenya for his project to help them control mastitis, a disease of the mammary glands that causes dairy farmers big losses around the world. He loves the Canadian experience; learning a lot from his courses, meeting people from around the world, learning a lot about their different ways of life and doing things, enjoying Canadian dishes, not forgetting the first experience of below zero degrees Celsius temperature and the snow. He loves travelling, swimming, cycling and tending animals. He is thankful to QES for making his dream of furthering his education come true. He is going to be a better resource for his country and community.”

edkn photo

Edward comes from the Central part of Kenya, in East Africa. He is the second born in a family of 5. He is a veterinarian with a big heart for dairy cows and goats. His favorite animal (pet) ever was a goat named Sophie.