4 Things You are Doing Wrong With Your Dissertation Proposal

4 Things You are Doing Wrong With Your Dissertation Proposal

Yes, it’s that time of the year when you are about to complete your masters. Isn’t it great that in a matter of days you will be a graduate with a Master’s degree in hand? The feeling is always special but, before you can get your hands on that degree of yours, you have to submit a dissertation in your field, and to pitch your idea you have to prepare a dissertation proposal. It has been an old belief that if you set your first foot correct, the journey becomes smoother and the same is the case with your dissertation. If your proposal is perfect you will not find it difficult to complete your dissertation but if there are mistakes in your dissertation proposal, it will not be accepted in the first place and the more you delay your proposal, the lesser time you get to write the main document.

Most of the time, students do fine in writing their proposal however there are some common mistakes that they often commit while working on it. Keep reading the article as in this write up you will find 4 things that most of the students do wrong with their dissertation proposal. Let’s find out!

  1. Lack Of Information in Introduction – The introduction of your dissertation proposal is a tricky thing to write as some students write it in the way they write the introduction of the main dissertation which is not the correct way to approach it. Your proposal introduction should have appropriate and limited information about the topic along with a hint of your experience in the field. This document is solely based on whether you are an appropriate match for the subject or not. Don’t start with all the specifics about your subject. Gradually lean into it and provide the introduction of your idea.
  1. Avoiding Examples – No matter what type of academic task you are up-to if you have something new at hand you should always refer to a dissertation proposal example as they are a really good way to understand the basic structure and requirement of the dissertation proposal. Students usually start working on their documents without referring to any examples and end up messing with things. You can avoid it by simply searching on Google as well as asking your seniors for help.
  1. Confusing it with the dissertation – As mentioned in the very first point, a dissertation proposal is just the basic introduction of your dissertation and should not be confused with the real document. What happens is that students find the sections of a dissertation proposal and a dissertation quite similar and end up writing the same things twice which is not only bad for their proposal but also ruins their research of collected data as they have already given up the major chunk of information in the proposal.
  1. Listing Results – The results section of your proposal is a place to write your expected results as well as previous results of the same experiment with the basic idea of how many variations will come in your outputs. Listing your results already and treating them as the final aim in your proposal does not make any sense. It is obvious that it is a bit confusing but you have to maintain the difference between a proposal and a dissertation.

These are the 4 basic mistakes that students make all the time, if you are also one of those who is about to start working on a dissertation and wondering how to write a dissertation proposal then start looking for references and avoid confusing the original documents. Make sure your proposal is well-drafted and easily understandable.

Summary – The article lists the 4 most common mistakes that students make while working on a dissertation proposal and how you can avoid these silly mistakes.

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