How to Cite Sources in Different Styles in an Essay? Here’s the Difference

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Writing an essay and not familiar with its challenges? If yes, you will encounter many problems while writing it. In such a scenario, you can seek college essay writing help if you are facing difficulties in essay writing. Several professional writers are associated with these online websites to assist students. If you get stuck at preparing a proposal, writing statements for a dissertation, conducting research, or even referencing, they will help you at every stage. Referencing is one of the difficult tasks for students to mention in the essay or any academic documents. Students sometimes end up copying the link of websites or writing as it is in the book. But this is not the right way to include references in an essay.

You will get to know the right way of referencing and its types in the upcoming paragraphs. First of all, you can read about the importance of referencing to get the pertinent knowledge of the difference between APA, MLA, and Harvard style.

What Is a Reference Page and its Importance

When a writer completes its document, he presents some research sources’ names on the last page of the document. This page is called a reference page.

Let’s understand its importance one by one.

  1. It serves as an accuracy check. The professor can use it for verification of facts written in the essay.
  1. If you know that you have to provide a reference for the sources you used, you will do research properly.
  1. If the reader wants to learn more about the topic you wrote the essay on, he can use the reference page.
  1. The writer can tackle plagiarism issues through referencing.

There are different styles of referencing. Students can use any one of them in their essays. You should have knowledge about more than one style because the teacher can tell you to use any referencing style in your essay.

Have a look at these styles.

APA Style: This is called “Author date” style referencing. Citation of text consists of author and year of publication in parentheses. In APA style Author’s surname is used. You can check the below-given diagram for more understanding.

MLA Style: If you are using this style, then the author’s last name and the page number where the paraphrase is taken from must be written. The page number should always appear in parentheses. You can write the name of the author in a sentence also.

Check the example below.

Eliot started exploring the creative sphere(263)

Harvard Style: It includes the author’s last name, first initial, year of publication, title, the city published, publisher, and pages used. You can better understand through the example shown below.

Desikan, S. (2010). Software testing. New York: Scribner, p. 256

Summary: This article presents the APA, MLA, and Harvard styles of referencing for students. You can use them in essay writing.

Learn to Finish Essay in 4 Days and Save the Rest for Weekend Party?

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From the day we enter into the school, we give many exams till we pass the classes. An essay is a great paper to check the ability of the student. It teaches students how to research and write. By doing these two things, a student learns many new things. There are several online essay writers who assist students in writing. You will also be benefited from their experience whenever you seek their help.

This article helps by offering you tips to write an essay in a short time.

If the time of submission and your weekend plan is clashing, then it can cause tension.

You will think of canceling the weekend plan as studies are also important for you.

What if you will not have to withdraw the weekend plan, and the essay is also submitted on time? Your happiness would not have any limit, right.

This article is going to offer you excellent tips to write an essay in 4 days so that you can save the rest of the time for enjoyment.

Have a look at these stunning tips to finish the essay.

Day 1: Plan Perfectly: You know that just jumping into the writing will never help complete the essay. So keep calm and make a time plan- How will you start? What is the first thing you will do? Which are the research sources? What topics will you cover first? Just focus on these questions and start to make a proper plan.

Day 2: Research Religiously: You should dedicate the second day completely to research. Make a list of books and websites from where you will research. Analyze the topic from every angle so that you can have the proper understanding. If you focus on research for the whole day, then you will not have to repeat the research once you start writing. You can freely write by checking the highlighted data.

Day 3: Write Impeccably: You know that you are left with less time, but it does not mean you can write anything. If you do this, then you are going to spend more time proofreading the document. Now you have data, so write this in your language and write only the necessary information. Try not to make any mistakes so that you can save time for other parts of the essay.

Day 4: Proofread Heedfully: Give the fourth day for checking the essay; proofreading can sometimes take a whole day. So, you must already be prepared for uninvited problems in the essay. Thorough checking is important as you can not submit errors containing documents to the professor. Read between the lines to find small mistakes and remove them.

Apply this strategy and complete the essay in 4 days. But you will have to be very focused while writing the essay. Determination and consistency also require with this 4 days plan. Moreover, if you still fail to write your document timely, you can seek help from online essay writers to complete your writing task and can get fast delivery of the assignment.

Summary: This article highlights 4 days plan to complete an essay so that students can enjoy their weekend.

3 Major Classifications You Must Know for Contract Law Assignment Writing

contract law

When it comes to the contract, it means a legal agreement between the parties where each assumes a legal obligation that must be completed according to the agreement. The contract law was formed to solve the cases legally with written proof. Many students get stuck in writing the contract law assignment. Well, it is not tough to complete. It needs logical and reasoning skills to solve the case and complete the assignment. If you are not good at it, then no worries because the service providers are here to give you contract law assignment help.

A law student has to present many opinions on a single statement. It involves integral dimensions of the case, involving strong arguments, presenting supportive statements along with accurate facts. These all come under the classification of contract law legally. Read the full article to know the detailed information about the given classifications, and it’s usage.

Let’s take a read!

  1. Legal Effects
    Legal effects refer to the different constitutional norms that may generate in a specific legal system. All the legal effects are distinguished from political, social, and psychological effects. There are major five contracts that come under legal effects:
  • Valid Contract
  • Void Contract
  • Voidable Contract
  • Unenforceable Contract
  • Illegal Contract
  1. Performance
    Performance signifies the act of doing that which is required by a contract. The effect of successful performance is to discharge the person bound to do the act from any future contractual liability. To judge the performance of the particular case there are four contracts:
  • Unilateral Contract
  • Bilateral Contract
  • Executed Contract
  • Executory Contract
  1. Formation
    The formation of a contract is from where the whole journey begins. If no contract is formed, neither of the parties can be under any obligations. There will be no proof of anything. It may cause a serious dispute between the parties and a major loss. So to ignore all these negative aspects, the formation of the contract is compulsory. There are three types of formation:
  • Express Contract
  • Implied Contract
  • Quasi Contract

These are the major 3 classifications that you need to include in your document to make it readable. There are many services that are provided by experts especially in law subjects. The service provider will give you a contract law assignment help that can make your document stand out in the whole class and also make an impression on your professor. Along with this, you can access free titles, samples, and free referencing tools directly from the portal.

SUMMARY: This article highlights the classifications of a contract that must be included while assignment writing.

Make Your Consumer Behavior Assignment Striking with These Effective Tips!

Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behavior is the study of how an individual and organization select product and services. This subject requires students to be aware of and analyze the surrounding behavior of the people when they buy something. Only the book’s study will not help here. For instance, you can see people behave differently when they go shopping in different places. Observe their behavior and examine how it affects the market. You can use this observation in your consumer behavior assignment to make it interesting. If you feel like adding something more informative, then you can apply the tips suggested in this article.

Follow some tips to make the assignment impressive with your real-life experience. There are these effective tips that you should mention in the assignment and leave the professor stun.

  1. Organize the Time: Decide a particular time for every task from the day you are given the assignment. Make a list of very important to the least important tasks and pick them one by one every day. It can save you from delaying the assignment, and you will also have the time to proofread it.
  1. Intense Research on the Topic: Give plenty of time to the research. It is a vital process that needs to be completed properly. Keep note of sources so that you can cross-check. If you are using an online platform, then research their authenticity so that you will not write any vague information in the assignment.
  1. Include Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour: This assignment can become an amazing piece of paper if you write about the factors influencing consumer behavior. Some factors are written below.
  • Psychological: This factor is powerful enough to affect the buying behavior of the consumer.
  • Cultural: This factor includes basic needs, wants, preferences, and perceptions.
  • Personal: Occupation, lifestyle, age, income are the personal factors that influence consumer behavior.
  • Social: When buying behavior is influenced by other people.
  1. Write About the Cases: If you write a consumer behavior assignment by providing a relevant example of cases, then the assignment will look more informative. The reader can better connect to the information with real-life cases.

You can write consumer behavior assignments on topics like variety-seeking behavior, dissonance reducing buying behavior, complex buying behavior, and many others. You can apply these tips on any topic and give a good start to the assignment. Do not forget to organize your time so that you will have track of where you have reached in the assignment completion.

3 Easiest Methods of Calculating National Income for Economic Essay

economic essay

National income denotes the total goods and services produced in a financial year. The amount of money that the government receives is called national income and the amount that is spent is called expenditures. The calculation of national income is a major topic in economics. If you are working on an economics essay and want to know “How to Calculate National Income?” easily, then read this article attentively.

Here the economics essay help providers have explained the 3 easiest methods of calculating national income.

Let’s go.

  1. Value-Added Method: The value-added method works on the basic fundamentals and provides an easy approach to calculate national income. It is based on the values that are added to a product at each production stage. First of all, calculate the net value added to the factor cost (NVAFC), and at the end, subtract the consumption of raw materials and capital, and net direct taxes.

Value-added method formula:

National Income= (NDPFC) + Net Factor Income from Abroad

  1. Expenditure Method: In the expenditure method, you need to calculate the total expenditures. These expenditures can be made by the government, organizations, local bodies, residents, etc.

To calculate the national income from the expenditure method, you need to be familiar with the following components.

  • Purchase of consumer goods, products & services by residents and households (C)
  • Expenditures that are done by the government (G)
  • Investment in enlarging the assets, stocks, and goods of a business (I)
  • Net exports (NX)

National Income by Expenditure Formula= C+G+I+NX

  1. Income Method: The income method directly focuses on calculating the production and the behavior of the market. There can be seen in any type of production in different kinds of industries. E.g., land, labor, capital, etc. Income can also be generated in many ways, such as rents, wages, salaries, profits, dividends, capital gains, and taxes.

First, we have to calculate the final national income then add the total income generated by the sources. Sometimes, there is one more term that comes in this process i.e., mixed-income.

National Income by Income method = Rent + Wages + Interest + Profit + Mixed-Income

Summing Up

Mostly, we use 3 types of methods to calculate the national income: Income method, expenditure method, and value-added method. All these methods require and depend on different kinds of elements. Be familiar with the general terms, entries, and transactions. However, if you face a major issue in calculating the national income, then you should take economics essay help.


How You Can Choose a Perfect Topic for Your Nursing Assignment?

You have an assignment to complete but still can’t find a good topic? This is an issue every student faces in the nursing course.

Assignment starts with a question- what to choose? Topic selection is a very important point. The mentor first gets impressed by the topic selection and then the content inside.

If you are confused to pick a topic, following are tips for your nursing assignment help:

Think of the Latest Nursing Developments

 It is not compulsory to write something theoretical, you can also share some observation or treatment from the latest decade. If you want to share any idea, you can, as the protocol of treatment stays the same for decades. You can easily pick a topic which allows you to describe the latest information. Take methods or information that are currently in use and prove the quality of your topic with practical proof. To increase the credibility of your paper, take the nursing assignment help from clinical researchers, and add it to the paper. Clinically proved data is very helpful as it validates your point.

Seek for an Interesting Subject

A subject with your interest can show your potential to readers. Many students choose a subject that is not even in their interest. They select a topic only to impress the mentor, but these students cannot find any new research as they just want to write and complete the theory. A lack of interest in the subject can make it difficult to search for a new finding or discovering something innovative. To grow in your career or research, choose a topic that makes you study more, and explore the related topic. Take your assignment as a source to know more about your interested subject.

Go for the Requirement of the Topic

The topic should be something that can reach the goal of the assignment. Ask your teacher in brief and read the university or assignment guidelines given by the faculty teacher. The topic should be something that can give you the right result for the assignment. Do not write a lengthy paper. Maintain the length and word limit while you complete it.

Think About the Convenient Scope

Take a subject that will give you a proper scope of exploration and new findings. It should create an argument that is provable in a small area. Manage your writing in a narrow path; there is no use to fill pages with unnecessary information as it is something that a reader avoids. A lengthy paper can bore a reader and take away their interest. Try to refine a subject into a small topic by choosing a part of it to write instead of writing the entire details; choose a single topic of interest.

Avoid the use of a topic that is already covered by many researchers as it can show less space to explore some new findings and fresh approach.

 If you are still confused and can’t find something fresh, take assistance from an assignment writing service providers. They will help you to choose a topic and can also prepare a nursing assignment for you.

Summary: This article highlights some of the best ways to select a topic for your nursing assignment.

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Tricks to Craft a Convincing Thesis Writing Task & Fetch A+

Thesis writing servicesThesis writing task!

As soon as the professor asks students to prepare a thesis writing task, they start getting worried. Do you know the reason why? Well, they do not fear writing; they get worried about whether the professor will get convinced with the thesis, or he will accept it or not. This is something that stresses them the most.

Do you also fear the same?

If yes, then its high time to let the fear fly away. Here the thesis writing services experts of Instant Assignment Help Australia have mentioned some tricks that if followed properly, will help you prepare a convincing thesis in no time.

Here you go…

Trick 1 – Identify Your Thesis Area

Identify the research area to which you are contributing. After that, read well-written papers and thesis related to your area to find out what’s needed in your research process so that you can use it as a guide for your writing. This way, you can get some ideas on how to start your thesis writing.

Trick 2 – Rewrite Your Thesis to Make it Readable

After doing in-depth research, try to write a rough draft and put all your thoughts on it. Finalise your draft by making sure it is reader-friendly. You can also ask someone to give feedback on the same. This way you will get some knowledge from the reader’s point of view and use it to improve your writing. After that, prepare a final draft, which is clear and readable.

Trick 3 – Make Your Thesis Statement Convincing

Keeping all the points aside, it is important that your thesis statement must convince your reader or examiner. Make essential assumptions and claims in each chapter to support your statements and provide supporting proof and citations. You can also ask others to read your statements and check whether they are convincing or not.

Trick 4 – Make the Thesis Easy to Follow

Remember, your examiner/professor always want to follow your ideas. So, make sure to maintain connectivity and flow between every chapter. As the thesis writing task is very lengthy, so there might be a possibility that your professor will forget what you have written in the very first chapter while reading the sixth one. To resolve such a situation, it is better to summarise and review major points at the start and end of every chapter.

Trick 5 – Proofread your thesis 

It is necessary to proofread or edit your thesis before submitting it. Do it carefully to eliminate all the grammatical, spelling, formatting, and referencing errors. Also go through the abstract, introduction, literature analysis, and conclusion as it makes the first impression on the reader. Also, check whatever you have written should be in the correct form.


These are some of the amazing tricks that will help you prepare a convincing thesis in no time. Now that the tricks are in front of you, use them and come up with a better thesis this time. If you still face any kind of difficulty and need help from thesis writing service experts, please visit Instant Assignment Help Australia. Our experts are there to serve you 24/7.

4 Main Subject Branches to Discuss in Your Mass Communication Assignment Writing Task

Mass CommunicationMass communication is a subject related to media. As the name suggests, it is a medium through which one can communicate with mass or public in large numbers. It can also be called as one-to-many communication. Thus, this is a very important subject, and many students aspire to pursue a career in this field. So, they take up courses related to this subject. But, due to various reasons, they fail to perform well and thus seek mass communication assignment help from the experts at Instant Assignment Help Australia.

So, our subject experts have explained below a few categories that come under the branch of mass communication, and which you can focus on creating an impressive assignment. So, let’s get started!

1. Journalism

Journalism is a branch of mass communication that works to broadcast news to the public. It includes researching, finding trending articles, collecting the information, writing the content, and presenting it in newspapers, magazines, or news websites so that the people across the globe can refer to it and learn about the current happenings around the world.

2. Public Relations

As the name suggests, this is a branch of mass communication that is about maintaining the relationship with the public. In simple words, this is about the public image of a company or organization. This is to let everyone know about the company, its working culture, happenings, and trends in and around the company better.

3. Advertising

Advertising is a mass communication branch that builds communication between the service provider or product manufacturer and the consumer. This is a medium to let the customers know about a particular service, product, or company and the discounts or offers on them so that the customer can get to hear a word about them, try, and purchase them.

4. Broadcasting

Broadcasting is a medium of spreading the word through radio or television. This is one-way communication and is mostly used to spread the information to vast numbers in less time. This is one of the efficient branches of mass communication in context to informing a large number of people in less time. This is also one of the most influencing modes as people are easily connected to this medium of communication.

These are the four main communication modes that you should include and discuss in your assignment on mass communication. If you want to explain these modes in detail, you can choose anyone and draft an assignment on it. However, if you face any trouble regarding choosing a topic, researching information, writing the assignment, editing, or any other, you can contact our experts right away without any hesitation. Our team of experts will be available round-the-clock to help you come up with the best work and score your dream grades. So, avail our services NOW!!!

Here’s How to Excel in Your Ajax Assignment Writing Task

Ajax Assignment HelpSince the invention of computers, they have been successful in attracting students from worldwide. Computer languages, because of their ever-evolutionary nature, always have remained in trend. When it comes to web development languages, AJAX has grabbed a seat among the widely used languages.

AJAX assignments are crucial for both students and working professionals. If you are struggling with the AJAX assignment, then there are professional services available that can offer help with assignments. AJAX assignment covers different topics such as AJAX website design, node attributes, XHTML assignment, CSS assignment, Adobe edge assignment. Once you finalize an assignment topic, you can accomplish your assignment with AJAX assignment help shared in this article in a single stroke:

  • Topic analysis

The SDLC starts with the analysis phase. Same way, the AJAX assignment also starts with the topic analysis phase. In the analysis, you should understand the topic first. You can also think of the topics to be covered in the assignment.

  • Research and data collection

Once you have a clear understanding of what you should do in your AJAX assignment, the next step is to research it. There is nothing that can compete the Google in helping you with the research. You can also go through big bibles of AJAX, reference books, online journals, and various material available in the market. After doing enough research, you should also analyze the collected material.

  • Prepare an outline 

The outline of the assignment can be prepared after completing the analysis of available information. This outline will give a clear idea about sub-topics to be covered in the assignment.

  • Prepare the first draft

Big software projects start with a single unit or module. When they are executed correctly, then they are built up together to do major modules. Your AJAX assignments should also start with the first draft by taking references from the collected sources. You should consider each sub-topic with equal importance and should work on it.

  • Get into the final draft

When you are filling the details about the topics, try to include the data based on new theories and various technical discoveries. If your topic is dealing with programs, then make sure it is error-free, and the executable programs are included in the assignment. You can also seek help from assignment writing services for professionally executed programs.

  • Never forget references

To add a professional touch to your AJAX assignments, you can also mention the sources you have referred to while developing the assignment.

  • Edit and proofread 

No software gets finalized without testing and re-coding. In the same way, your assignment should also undergo editing and proofreading for the elimination of grammatical errors, misplaced contents, punctuation mistakes, and other typographical errors.

  • Check for plagiarism 

Every software is different from other software in coding style, language, price, and other parameters. In the same way, your AJAX assignment must be unique and plagiarism free. You can also check various online plagiarism checking tools to check the originality of content.


AJAX language is a combination of JavaScript and XML languages. AJAX assignments are a little bit complex in nature as they involve wide scope and require thorough knowledge about the subject. Students will find AJAX assignment help shared in this article beneficial and can excel in their assignment writing task.

Effectively managing the team of remote employees – here is how it is done

Not so long ago, the concept of remote work was almost coming to fruition. In fact, it was tested many times and was often used by top level executives in case they were on a long break or were on vacation and were often needed for making executive decisions.

Today, the world is in the grasp of the COVID-19 (also known as the Novel Coronavirus) resulting in temporary closure of businesses and entertainment venues. This is where remote work came in handy; and it has affected the way the world does work and yes, it did so for the positive aspect.

In many parts of the world, remote work has become a large tidal wave affecting the way people work and the way businesses are run. One of the best things is that fears of workers slacking off have been debunked.

In countries like the United Kingdom, around 4 million people have been working remotely. Fears of workers slacking off have been debunked to a large extent. If there is anything, then evidence suggests that a considerable number of employees became more productive at home. Though this does not indicate homesickness, it indicates that a stress-free environment helps quite a lot.

This also translated to a lot of money saved by organizations when it comes to getting work done as well as reduction in wear and tear in employees and productivity. In short, around GBP 1500 per employee was saved by each organization.

Are there just only benefits, or are there a lot of security nightmares in remote working?

However, just like the benefits; there is now a myriad of security issues of the ultimate kind. One third of companies in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland as well as The Netherlands and a quarter of French firms revealed that they had to review data security measures and even had faced breaches due to remote working.

Data which was once protected by enterprise-level measures is now accessed from many locations and that is through public Wi-Fi connection hotspots.

Another issue is that of coordination. A lot of remote workers have been well on their own. But when it comes to team projects; the workflow is disturbed and is quite hard to control. Employees can face unforeseen incidents.

How can managers teleconference with their team members? And at what times? In case there are teams/employees/subsidiaries/affiliates overseas, how and when do they contact them? How is the workflow controlled? How can organizations ensure that their employees are still enjoying a healthy balance of work and life?

How can managers and organizations effectively manage the team of remote workers?

As determined by expert professionals at a renowned web design company Toronto, here are some fool proof ways for organizations to fully utilize the benefits of a remote workforce and its emerging vulnerabilities:

Set reasonable limits for work

Remote work has somehow blurred the definition of a real workplace, limits and boundaries are still important. Remote workers are quite productive in comparison to their counterparts working in offices. However, this notion is still questioned.

Remote workers are also more prone to burnout. A lot of remote employees reported having a hard time taking a time off when working remotely, reporting detrimental effects to their health.

Office workers can often mark their time-out and walk right out of the door. However, it is hard to ignore the siren call of an email or an urgent task, regardless if it’s a notification away from the phone. It is a must for organizations to help employees manage their time effectively.

Setting a limit on working hours is a must and each employee must follow it. It should be made evident that these working hours should be respected. No employee should reply to emails or any messages once they have timed out.

Making communication channels that are pertaining to work

Taking out face-to-face communication with other options to replacing with email, text and Skype can work. If unmanageable communication channels are left to break down and become a mess, no one should be scrambling for other channels just looking for relevant information.

An app that allows firms to create work specific channels works a lot and among them is ‘Slack.’ This can help employees separate work from personal chats.

Definition of productivity and performance

A boon about telecommuting is defining productivity in a broader term., beyond how long a person works. Hence, measuring performance based on how long employees spent working online is not the real thing. Each firm wants meaningful work, not how much time they spent online.

Hence, expectations for outcomes at day’s end should be set (same for the weekly basis). Ensure the measures set make sense to each and every employee. Also, no rule is same for every employee so this should be set as per function i.e. different for developers, salespeople, content professionals and the freelancers (how make money online).