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If you are someone who uses cannabis, you may be well aware of the term “munchies”. Even saying this word will let you perceive the image of the famous cartoon character, “Shaggy”. Besides, there are cannabis users who get weed via cannabis delivery in Mississauga to deal with a lack of appetite. Cannabis is a powerful drug for medical cannabis patients to stimulate their appetite. 

Marijuana is specifically helpful to use for patients who suffer issues like weight loss, disordered eating, or nausea. Using cannabis encourages people to eat and maintain proper nutrition. In this post, we are going to share with you why using cannabis gives cannabis users munchies.

Why Using Cannabis Can Give You Munchies?

Marijuana gives cannabis users munchies because it lets the brain of cannabis users think they are hungry.  It is because cannabis is responsible for setting off a few main components in our endocannabinoid system. Our endocannabinoid system is responsible for many parts of ours, embracing our mood, metabolism, pain, etc. Marijuana comprises high levels of cannabinoids, which are unbelievably similar to natural transmitters in our bodies.

When cannabis users smoke or ingest cannabis, cannabinoids and receptors in our endocannabinoid system bind together. As a result, our body experiences diverse effects. THC in cannabinoids or transmitters is responsible for getting cannabis users high. One of the effects we experience with cannabis use is the elevation of our sense of smell. Because of the close relationship between aroma and taste, cannabis users start tasting food better and consume more encouragingly.

In addition, it is not only the smell and taste that give munchies. Research reveals that cannabis enhances the amount of ghrelin that our body releases. Ghrelin is present in our stomach and is a hunger hormone. It is a hormone that tells our brain when it is empty. Moreover, the endocannabinoid system also regulates our hormones. Therefore, it makes sense that ingesting cannabis affects ghrelin.           

Furthermore, terpenes are naturally present in marijuana and give cannabis strains unique aromas. At the same time, terpenes affect our body, similar to cannabinoids. Terpenes are not only present in marijuana but also naturally present in plants. For instance, teas, pine, sage, and citrus fruits have terpenes. There are also some well-known terpenes for stimulating hunger, like limonene and myrcene. Hence, there are various reasons besides munchies that cannabis gives cannabis users.

Using Cannabis If You Have a Lack of Appetite 

People who suffer from serious illnesses use cannabis to deal with their health problems. In addition, munchies are a desirable effect to experience for cannabis users with severe health issues. Commonly, cancer, HIV, and chronic pain patients have tremendously low appetites. 

Further, marijuana has remained a pick of doctors for patients with a lack of appetite to stimulate hunger in them. Munchies that cannabis is responsible for encourage people to eat. Further, cannabis has anti-nausea effects on the body that make cannabis users much more likely to eat.

Additionally, THC increases dopamine in our brain, a chemical that lets us feel good. Thus, cannabis users get much more enjoyment from weed when they smoke, ingest, and get via cannabis delivery in Mississauga.

Will Cannabis Let You Gain More Weight?

Surprisingly, weed can give you munchies but is not responsible for weight gain. Nonetheless, if you enjoy having your favourite junk wood with munchies, you can gain weight. There is also a study that suggests marijuana use leads to lower Body Mass Indexes (BMIs). Besides, gaining weight becomes challenging when you have a lower BMI. The same holds for losing weight when you have a higher BMI. There is also a belief that cannabinoids improve the metabolic profiles of cannabis users. Hence, marijuana is not responsible for weight gain despite the fact it gives you munchies.

Do CBD Products Give You Munchies?

CBD is not responsible for munchies that cannabis gives cannabis users. Nonetheless, CBD in cannabis has a reputation for treating various illnesses, similar to THC. For example, CBD can treat pain, nausea, depression, and more. However, CBD is not a cannabinoid, that is, responsible for munchies, unlike THC. It is because CBD doesn’t have the same effect on our hormones as THC. CBD also counteracts the effects of cannabis when you ingest too much weed.


If you have used cannabis before, you may know about the munchies that cannabis can stimulate in weed users. Besides, there are several reasons behind the munchies that cannabis users experience. The following are some explanations of munchies that cannabis can give you:

  1. Consuming weed lets your brain think you are hungry
  2. Using cannabis heightens our sense of smell and encourages us to eat more
  3. Cannabis have terpenes that are responsible for promoting hunger

Munchies that cannabis can give you are beneficial for cancer, HIV, and chronic pain patients. Still, it doesn’t cause cannabis users to gain weight. Lastly, CBD in weed that you may get via cannabis delivery in Mississauga is not responsible for munchies.

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