Is Poor Planning Eating Your Thesis Grades? Switch to ‘Eat That Frog’ Technique!

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Success is the residue of planning -Benjamin Franklin.

The quote by Benjamin Franklin clearly reflects the importance of planning to climb the mountain of success. But is it really easy to plan? Well, the answer is a big ‘NO,’ especially when you are writing your thesis. Students search day and night on the Internet just to find a time management remedy that can prove to be a great thesis help. If you are also tired of spending sleepless nights in search of an answer, then the time has come to thank your stars.

Hello, students! Welcome to this piece of information which highlights a unique technique called ‘Eat That Frog,’ which will surely assist the Canadian students in finishing their thesis 2X faster.

So, quickly grab your favorite snack, and start reading further!

What Is the ‘Eat That Frog’ Technique?
The technique came alive after the Mark Twain quote: Eat a live frog the first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day. In simple terms, it means that an individual should begin his day by finishing the task which takes the most effort first. In this way, the tedious tasks will be gone, and you will not face much trouble ahead.

After you have got the gist of the technique, let us flashlight how this technique works. Here you go…

How Does ‘Eat That Frog’ Strategy Works?
The technique takes 7 steps to complete. Also, as per the thesis help experts, it is a cyclic process; therefore, the students should repeat it each day to accomplish their goals.

Step 1: Shortlist Your Goal– Divide the task of thesis writing into different chunks; these chunks will be your goals. Think of all the goals that you wish to achieve today—for instance, writing the introduction, preparing the title page, research, editing, proofreading, etc.

Step 2: List the goals– Now, the time has come to list the goals on a piece of paper. This will help you to keep track of all the goals.

Step 3: Assign a Deadline– Set a deadline for each task. You don’t need to be accurate here; an approximation will also work. Moreover, ensure that you also consider the short breaks while calculating the deadline.

Step 4: Write Down the Essentials– As per the thesis helpers, in this step, the students should compile a list mentioning all the essentials required to finish a particular goal. For instance, for research, you would require Internet, Laptop, books, etc.

Step 5: Organize the List on the Basis of Priority–  Remember the list which you prepared in step 2? Well, it’s time to prioritize it. The most important goals are basically the ‘frogs’ that you need to eat first.

Step 6: Start Eating– Now is your turn to eat the frogs one by one. Make sure that you eat the nastiest frog first. This way, you will ease your writing problem.

Step 7: Repeat It Each Day: Well, after you have followed the above steps, your goal for the day is about to be accomplished. And, that’s not all! You need to repeat the cycle each day until your thesis writing is completed.

Curtains down!!!
Reading so far, you must have known the ‘Eat That Frog’ time management technique that will prove to be a great thesis help. However, if you still fail to bring this technique into practice, then seek an assignment writing service.



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