7 HR Dissertation Topics That Students Should Not Ignore in 2020

HR Dissertation Topics

For students, writing an HR dissertation is not an easy job. There are many factors to consider when writing. It will help produce top-notch paper-like: students should read the instructions, guidelines, follow the structure, maintain continuity, and avoid grammar mistakes. Besides, students should pick an appropriate topic. That’s because it helps to produce high-quality paper. You will never get tired of writing on the topic because it interests you. Thus, you write the paper with full determination to secure high grades. Moreover, you will revise the paper and make it flawless. But if you pick a wrong topic, you will produce a low-quality paper, and the audience will lose interest to read it further. Now, selecting HR dissertation topics is complicated. That’s because you need to keep many things in mind, such as how trendy the HR topic is? Are people aware of it? Remember, if you pick an old topic, it will not impact the reader, and the audience will not read it. The purpose of writing an HR dissertation is to present your opinion and feedback on a specific topic. It consumes a lot of time and energy. Besides, it’s hard to complete in a few months. To help you with your topic selection, here is an article that will present the top dissertation topics of 2020.

  1. Employees’ selection process: How can it be improved?- For students, it will be an interesting topic to research. Here a student has to present effective ways on how the employee selection process can be improved. Explain each step in detail.
  1. The policies of HR for affected employees – Here, the students should carry in-depth research on the topic and find out the policies the HR has designed. For example,- how HR will deal when there is a gap between employees working, how the companies through HR will provide support to the affected patients, and more.
  1. The employee’s cooperation for HR- The pandemic has changed the way we work. Hence, students selecting this topic to write should highlight the points of how employees are supporting the decisions taken by HR policymakers during the COVID-19.
  1. How online digital platforms have helped organizations in recruiting effectively and efficiently- It’s an interesting topic to write about. Many organizations have adopted different techniques and methods to recruit candidates during the pandemic. So, you should find out how online digital platforms have helped organizations in hiring candidates and explain them.
  1. Ways to boost employee productivity- Here, one has to list the methods that can help increase employees’ productivity levels at the office and explain them.
  1. The impact of motivation programs on employee performance- Selecting this topic to write will help you understand how motivation programs can improve employee performance. You need to list down all positive impacts and explain them with an example.
  1. The role of human resource policies in the success of an organization- Here, you need to write down the importance of human resource policies and how it will help the organization to be successful. Highlight some essential policies and present the policies that should be introduced.


These are some of the HR dissertation topics that students can choose to compose a dissertation. However, if you want to submit an excellent paper and achieve high grades, make sure to pick an interesting topic of your choice. Thus, impress your professor and show everyone your skills. In case you are running out of time, then consider taking professional help online.

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