Six Inspiring Tourism Dissertation Topics for Every Student

Students pursuing tourism and hospitality courses are required to submit a dissertation as they near their final year. As the course is very wide and covers numerous important issues, a student needs to be very particular while commencing the topic selection process. All too often, they end up choosing a topic that seems interesting initially, but later on, they realize that they should have chosen a different one.

In such a confusing scenario, it is a good idea to have a list of topics in your hand as you begin the process your thesis. You should always choose those topics which you genuinely find exciting. Are you struggling to find a suitable topic for your dissertation? Do not worry, these tourism and hospitality dissertation topics list is just what you need to get inspired.

Choose the perfect dissertation topic for yourself

Writing a tourism and hospitality dissertation can become a nightmare if you are not armed with the right issue. Read on to know some of the most interesting topics in this domain.

#1. Impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on tourism

The outbreak of coronavirus has disrupted the working of various sectors of the economy. The tourism and hospitality sector is no exception, with the most bans being put on travel. Your dissertation can explore this topic in greater detail.

#2. Does eco-friendliness affect a tourist’s choice of hotels?

Nowadays, the world is becoming eco-friendly. Various hotels in countries like the UK follow eco-friendly practices like water conservation, renewable energy usage, waste recycling, etc. Can these practices affect a tourist’s hotel selection? You can elaborate upon it in your dissertation.

#3. Impact of economic conditions on regional tourism

Tourism has an intimate connection with the economic conditions of a particular country. Many economic factors impact tourism. Your dissertation can elaborate on these factors that influence the tourism sector in any country of your choice.

#4. Is a traveller’s destination choice influenced by social media platforms?

Over the years, many social media platforms have emerged that influence the destination selection process of travelers and tourists. Your aim of research in this dissertation can be to assess their role in making a tourist opt for a particular destination.

#5 What makes acquiring education in the UK so attractive for students?

For years, the UK has been a one stop destination for students to acquire world class education. In your dissertation, you can explore which factors lead to effective study programs in this country and why it is regarded as the ultimate place to establish a career.

#6 Analyzing the viewpoints of the female population in Britain toward packages of facial lifting tours in Bangkok. 

Bangkok is known for its facial lifting package tours. It has influenced women in various countries. Your study can analyze its impact on females in Britain and what makes them inclined towards availing these package tours.

Now that you have a list of interesting tourism and hospitality dissertation ideas, it will not be difficult for you to start your dissertation writing process.

Summary: Students studying Tourism and Hospitality courses often struggle with finding a suitable dissertation topic. The articles outline various topics that can inspire students to create thoughtful dissertations.