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Have you finally decided to invest in a water pipe or a bong? In addition, you already have marijuana flowers for smoking. But what if you haven’t ever smoked from a bong? If you haven’t or you’re a beginner, it is important you master smoking cannabis with bongs you may buy from a Canada head shop online. 

In addition, you may need someone to guide you through how to properly use a bong. Don’t worry! As we’re going to help you figure out how to properly use a water pipe. We are going to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to deploy a bong to smoke marijuana. Besides, our guide is targeted toward first-time bong users or beginners. Before we guide you through the steps to smoke weed via a bong, we shall like you to know about the functionality of bongs or water pipes.

How Do Bongs or Water Pipes Work?  

You must know that it’s all about filtration when you’re using a bong to smoke cannabis. You can also find bongs in a variety of styles. Many of the bongs come in styles to improve filtration and provide bong users with smooth hits. Many cannabis users prefer water pipes to smoke cannabis because of the water filtration mechanism of water bongs. Even the best cannabis pipe cannot provide you with clean and smooth hits that water pipes can provide you with. Moreover, you should know how a high-quality water bong works. Here is how:

“When you light the bowl of marijuana and inhale via the mouthpiece, smoke goes through water before reaching the lungs. It also cools the smoke down with a level of filtration to provide bong users with smoother hits.”

You can also find bongs with enhanced filtration systems due to the percolators they come with. Percolators in bongs provide bongs with an extra water chamber. For the same reasons, bongs with percolators have an even better filtration system than regular bongs. Still, it is not necessary for a bong to have a percolator if you own a quality bong and good weed. Besides, percolators may filter too much smoke at times, and they are difficult to clean, too. Now, it is time you know how to use a bong to smoke marijuana.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Water Pipe

The following are the steps you need to follow to smoke weed via a bong you may buy from a Canada head shop online:

Step No. 1: Assemble the Bong

Please remember, a bong won’t come assembled at your doorstep if you have bought it for the first time. Typically, you will get the following pieces: the main glass beaker or a tube, a down-stem, and a bowl. You will need to get rid of all the bubble wrap to uncover these three components. We recommend thoroughly rinsing all of the preceding components. We recommend it because the components could have traces of other impurities from manufacturing, shipment, and storage. As soon as you rinse and dry all three components, assemble them together. Here is how to do it:

  1. Put your bong straight on a safe and solid surface. Make sure to keep it away from your children and pets.
  2. Now, put your down-stem in the bong.
  3. Next, put the bowl in your down-stem or keep it aside as you will need to pack it later. 

Step No. 2: Add Fresh Water to Your Pipe

The next step to using a bong is to add fresh water to it. However, it is also important that you properly add water to your bong. You will need to find the sweet spot here than filling up your bong with too much and insufficient water. To properly add water to your bong, you should ensure the slits in your down-stem are completely submerged in water. Still, you don’t have to immerse slits too much; otherwise, you will find it arduous to draw the smoke. Further, you won’t get the function you want from a water pipe if you don’t add water to it properly. It is advisable to add fresh water to the bong every time you use it.

Step No. 3: Pack Your Bowl

Packing the bowl is a relishing experience for bong users. Further, you shouldn’t pack the bowl too tight or too loose. Further, a weed grinder is an essential tool to invest in for rolling joints or blunts. The same accessory is beneficial for properly grinding the weed and packing your bowl.

Step No. 4: Light up the Bowl and Inhale Slowly

You can take the water pipe in one hand and carry a lighter in the other to spark the bowl up. Put your lips inside the mouthpiece and inhale slowly. Once the bong starts functioning with the water bubbling, light up your bowl.

Step No. 5: Get Rid of the Bowl from Down-Stem and Clear the Pipe

Once you see enough smoke in the water chamber, get rid of the bowl from the down-stem. Then, clear your water pipe. You can aggressively inhale the smoke if you can hold a bong rip for a second or two. Next, exhale the smoke and enjoy your bong rips.

To Finish

Smoking weed via a bong you may buy from a Canada head shop online is relishing and takes five steps only. 

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