7 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Book Editor



If you are wondering about hiring a book editor, you must be a passionate author looking to make a name for yourself. You might be working on a fiction novel, or maybe you are working on your memoir. Whatever the case, book editing is a crucial next step for every author. Even if you have completed your manuscript, you need editing to polish it furthermore.

Now, when it comes to book editing, there are two options. First, you can do it yourself, or second, you can opt for book editing services. Now, it is totally up to you whether you want to edit your manuscript for yourself or you want to hire third-party assistance to get it done. We suggest the latter, and allow us to make a case for it.

Why You Need A Professional Book Editor For Your Book’s Editing

It is better to get a professional editor to sift through your manuscript than do it yourself when it comes to manuscript editing. The reason is simple. When you produce a piece of literature, whatever the genre or nature of it may be, it’s hard to find flaws in it.

This is where a professional, third eye comes to play. A professional editor with credible experience will have a neutral outtake on your manuscript and be able to suggest or edit out flutter your eye may miss due to writing bias. As an author, you want your book/manuscript to be perfect, not just in grammar but in diction and flow as well.

Now, you need to be careful when hiring a professional editor. If you are reading this article, you know the title. We are going to be discussing seven mistakes you need to avoid as an author when hiring a book editor for your book. Let’s begin with the first one.

1 Make Sure He Is A Professional

The first order of business is to check whether the editor you are hiring is a professional or an amateur. Given that it’s your book that you have worked hard on, you would want safe hands to handle the editing. Now, there are two ways you can go about hiring safe, professional editors online. You can either go through the route of freelancers, or you can opt for a professional ghostwriting company.

When selecting someone to edit your manuscript, opting for a professional ghostwriting company is the best and safest option. Freelancers can be risky, and you don’t want to risk it when it comes to your hard work. Browse online and search for an online professional ghostwriting company and contact them. Discuss your needs, and get practical solutions. They are equipped to help authors with editing, writing, publishing, and marketing concerns.

2 Check What Type of Editing He Is Providing

When it comes to editing, there are a few types that you might be aware of. As an author, it is up to you to decide which type of editing you need for your book. The popular types of editing are line editing and developmental editing. Line editing refers to the type of editing that focuses on grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. Developmental editing, on the other hand, refers to the in-depth editing of a manuscript that may change even the plot of your manuscript.

Now, it depends on you as an author to choose which type of editing you want for your book. Avoid opting for developmental editing if you don’t want your writer to alter your book’s story or plot. If you are just looking for polishing, a simple line editing will suffice for your manuscript.

3 Get Samples

Never hire someone before checking out their work. Whether you are hiring a professional editor or opting for book writing services, checking samples will allow you to judge their work, making it easier for you to select them. Since your manuscript will carry your name on it, you must not risk the quality of the work.

A professional editor or company, for that matter, will have a solid portfolio to show. Since you are going to be paying the bucks, it is important to be critical. Sift through different companies or professional editors’ portfolios and decide which one suits your needs best. When you are sure of the work, only then proceed to discuss your needs with them.

4 Check for Reviews

Another thing most authors forego is checking for reviews. This is the utmost important tip for all authors out there looking for editing services for their manuscripts. As an author, you have to understand that you are getting editing services online. It is easy to scam someone online, so the blame and risk lie on the buyers themselves.

Suppose you have selected a particular ghostwriting company; it is important to search online and find reviews and testimonies of others who have used services from the ghostwriting company. If there is no online presence of them apart from their website, move forward at your discretion. However, we suggest you opt for those services with positive reviews.

5 Make Sure You Sign a Contract

A good company will always make you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). NDA protects your right as an author by safeguarding your private information. Always make sure to sign an NDA before proceeding with the payment. Moreover, read the complete document carefully before signing.

6 Don’t Forego Your Copyright

Talking about NDA, another thing that is important for you is your copyright. As an author, having sole ownership is your right. Since you are the only one who has worked on the story, you don’t want to give away your copyright. Read any and every document before signing, and make sure you discuss that you will retain the 100% copyrights of your book.

7 Pay In Installments

Lastly, avoid making full payments. Most of the time, scammers take your money and run. To ensure there is trust involve, discuss the installment method with the company you are getting the services from. Pay in installments and only release the final payment when you are 100% satisfied with the work on your manuscript.


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