Know How to read the Holy Book

You can even say words of praise in your language while you are learning.

Allah made this religion easy for us and never to overload us. Take it easy and Allah will make things easier for you as long as you intend to learn and improve tuhfat al atfal

Ask Allah to help you and keep a sincere intention to learn Arabic and the Quran.

First, you should learn and memorize the Arabic words we use in prayer to praise and glorify Allah, the highest.

The most important part of the Koran that you should learn now is suratul Fatiha, which is the opening chapter.

You must strive to pronounce it correctly and perfect it before moving on to another chapter (surah).

This is because the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said that the prayer in which it is not recited al-Fatiha, is incomplete.

You should try to learn it from someone who can teach you its proper pronunciation.

It will also help you to listen many times to someone who recites it slowly. Here you can listen to Suratul Fatiha.

In the same way, try everything you can to learn its meaning, what does it mean “Praises are for Allah”? What does “Lord of the worlds” mean?

Or “The Most Merciful”?, so that when you read the Quran, you can understand it.

Also reading it, your reverence will increase before Allah, the Mighty One.

After al-Fatiha, you can start learning and memorize other chapters. To help you, we have compiled some recitations of the Quran here, which you can listen to and try to determine your words.

You can read the interpretation of the meaning of the Quran.

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