Disabilities and Mental Health: How to Present Them in Your College Essay?

You might get several pieces of advice on how to write your college essay, especially if you’re in the senior year of high school. Some might recommend you to write from the selection committee’s perspective and stick to safer topics, and on the other hand, some might advise you to stay true to yourself and express your opinions freely. Most of the times, these instructions confuse the students more than it helps them, which is why they end up looking for a professional college essay help service. But the choice is yours: you can always choose to talk about the things that are close to you as long as they aren’t polarised, illegal or such topics.

A college essay’s primary purpose is to present you as a person, giving details of every significant aspect of you and your personality. Students who have lived with a disability or a mental illness would know that these have played a critical role in shaping them and their life. But often they are confused if they should mention it in their college essays or not. Is it appropriate to do so? Is it too personal?

Well, you can definitely mention such things in your document. In fact, it is encouraged by many universities as these things give a deeper insight into your psyche and personality. But as it is a delicate subject, you should present it in the right way. Here are a few points to keep in mind while doing so:

  1. Present it in a positive light

As they say: there is something good in everything; when you have decided to talk about a mental illness or a disability in your essay, first make sure you are comfortable in doing so. You need to present it in a positive light and not set a sorrowful or negative tone. Use phrases like ‘living with’ instead of ‘struggling/suffering with’ and ‘difference’ or ‘special’ instead of ‘impairment’, ‘handicap’ or ‘disability’. Focus on all the things you have learned due to it.

  1. The changes it has caused

Talk about how it has shaped your life and the changes it has brought to your life. The motive of mentioning a disability or mental illness in an essay is to explain how it has helped you grow, what skills you have acquired because of it, what changes it has caused in your perspective etc.

  1. How you would contribute to the university?

Elaborate on how you would contribute to the university- if you would help in awareness of the issue or form a support group for similar students. Use words like inclusion, diversity and tolerance.

  1. Not a journal 

The struggles you have faced are very close to you and it is understandable that you could get very sentimental when writing about the same. But keep in mind that it is a formal document and not a journal, so make sure to maintain a formal tone.

  1. Don’t make it a plea

Your college essay is not a request letter. Don’t try to imply that your disability or mental illness is the reason why you deserve to be selected over other candidates. Always try to present it focusing on your journey and personal growth and not as a tool to request acceptance.

Most students feel uncomfortable discussing these significant aspects of their life in college essays due to the stigmas around them. It is completely fine to do so, all you need to take care of is how you present it.

Summary: This write-up tries to help students on how to present their disabilities or mental illnesses in their college essays if they choose to do so.


How to Prepare a SWOT Analysis Assignment for a Defined Product?[9 Steps]

The marketing students seek SWOT analysis assignment help as they have to submit their task by the deadline. It is tough to analyze a brand or product and then write it within a time period assigned by the professors as it is a task that requires broad research and quality writing.

Here are nine steps suggested by the expert SWOT analysts that can help the students to create a perfect assignment for their marketing subject.

9 Steps to Create a Defined Product SWOT Analysis Assignment

The steps that can help the students to create a SWOT analysis assignment for a defined product are as follows:

  1. Business Goals Specification

Before writing a SWOT analysis class assignment report, you should specify the objectives, nature, and purpose of the product. You can begin with a brief outline of the product and brand. You should include some specific questions such as –

  1. What is the business?
  2. What is the main product that you deal with?
  3. What is the reason behind this SWOT analysis?
  4. Who is your core customer base?
  5. How do you plan to use this report to improve your brand?
  1. Information Collection

After specifying the objectives and reasons; now, you should start the available data collection, by conducting market surveys and studying customer behaviour. You can start with some previous research papers and findings. Search for customer preferences, buying trends and demand patterns to create the product marketing strategy.

  1. Data Categorization

As a business student, you should know how to classify the data about the product and its market place. For SWOT analysis, you can divide the data material into four main categories- strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

  1. Sorting and Analyzing the Data 

In this section, arrange the information that reveals some interesting insights about the product brand. There are two ways to sort the report- one is precise process guidelines of SWOT, and the other is a straightforward way of preparing a checklist.

  1. Identifying the Strengths

You can start the SWOT analysis by identifying the advantages of the products. You have to list the strong points of the brand here. There is liberty for students that they can choose the product or service themselves for their business assignments.

You cannot give your opinion on this. You have to keep your analysis objective and entirely from a third-person perceptive. You can talk about the following aspects:

a) Tasks that your company is good.
b) Qualities of your product comparedto others.
c) Talk a little about internal resources like the staff etc.
d) Use assets like intellectual property, capital, technology etc.

  1. Finding the core weaknesses

In this section, list out the disadvantages or weaknesses the product had when it first came to the market. You can talk about the following aspects:

a) Things the company lacks
b) Things that the competitors do better than you
c) Limitation of the resources
d) The unclear unique selling scheme

  1. Exploring the opportunities

As better an analyst will learn to predict market trends and optimization, sooner they will be eligible for marketing. You can talk about the following aspects in it:

a) The underserved market for specific products
b) Few competitors in your area
c) The emerging need for your product or services
d) Media or press coverage of the product

  1. Estimating the Risk 

If you are good at evaluating the risk, then you can prepare the product to overcome any obstacle with relatively more success. You can talk about the following aspects:

a) Emerging competitors
b) Changing regulatory environment
c) Negative coverage by press or media
d) Change in customer’s behaviour towards the company or product

  1. Drafting the Report

After sorting and analyzing the data, now, its time to write your SWOT Analysis Assignment. Write using a formal tone of language and maintain the perfect format.

These are the nine steps that can help you write your SWOT analysis assignment. Hope you find these steps helpful and prepare an excellent document.


This article reflects the nine steps to prepare a swot analysis assignment for a defined product.

Case Study Structure Essentials No Student Should Miss!

Case studies are a standard format of report writing that dwells into different aspects of a particular case or any specific scenario. Writers need to study a particular case, perform meticulous analyses and deliver in-depth observations & effective remedies. Professional writing services can be a huge help for students, irrespective of whether they are looking for Microsoft case study help or any other.

One key thing to note is that the success of a case study depends not only on the nature of the content but also on its structure & the presentation of information. Delivering information with a proper structure is essential for engaging and data-rich content, both intriguing & informative.

Let’s take a closer look.

The Definitive Case Study Structure

The essential elements of a generic case study comprise the following sections:

  1. Introduction:  Other than relaying all necessary background information, this section is also responsible for engaging the audience and informing them about other relevant case studies on the subject.

The introduction must end with a thesis statementwhich sets the tone of the whole write-up and offers a glimpse of the general assessment or proposes a solution.

  1. Aims & Objectives: The purpose & significance of the case study find a place over here.
  1. Method: The tools and techniques used to conduct the study find mention here. The information gathering and data analysis methods should be mentioned in clear & concise terms.
  1. Results: The results and observations of the study make up this section. The study participants’ responses, key observations, recurring themes & notable patterns should be mentioned in lucid prose over here.
  1. Discussions: Explanations, insightful analyses, and vital learning outcomes are to be done here. It is important not to provide any general analyses of the results as case studies pertain to a particular case or situation.

Focus on the specific case and the individuals involved in the case while discussing the case study results. Detailed solutions and remedies to the problem or issue under study are necessary. Discuss the pros and cons of your proposed solutions, along with their feasibility & viability.

  1. Recommendations: Finally, writers need to mention relevant and appropriate solutions & recommendations for the problem under study. Steps towards improvement, intervening measures to alleviate concerns, and effective solution strategies are provided in pertinent detail in this section.

Tips For Crafting An Excellent Case Study 

  • Take notes as much as possible during your research. Highlight relevant facts and remember to underline all vital information.
  • Focus your analysis on some critical problems. Case studies are highly focused analyses, not overall generalizations.
  • Understand the causes and effects of the problem under study. Determine the reason behind their existence and their impact.
  • Find out who or what is affected directly by the problem and the implications they may face.
  • Uncover potent and feasible solutions by performing thorough analyses with intuition & intelligence. Review similar situations from different sources and come up with an original solution.
  • Deliver solid shreds of evidence, provide a clear & direct thesis statement, and review & proofread the entire content before submission.

And, that wraps up this write-up on delivering proper case study assignments. Seek help from genuine online writing services that can offer quality assistance and deliver exemplary Microsoft case study help or any other company-specific case study help, for that matter.

Summary: A proper structure is vital for crafting an excellent case study. Good case study structures are vital for delivering information and observations in an eye-catching & engaging manner. Go through this guide to learn how to craft the perfect case study structure with ease.


Everything You Need to Know About Writing a Good Assignment

University students in Melbourne are fortunate to receive training according to enriching curriculums of their disciplines. The universities there are highly regarded for the educational plans for students that includes a number of effective ways of assessing them. University students are often requested to compose assignments on various topics. Writing good assignments is a task that helps a professor to understand the progress of their pupils. They can deduce by looking at the quality of the content how well the writer has understood the topic and has taken pains to conduct a good amount of research on it. Accordingly, professors in Melbourne university grade their pupils. Hence, it can be very well said that assignments play a major role in enabling students to utilize their learning and knowledge. Students often find the writing task quite laborious. They are also unaware of the writing structure and the way to communicate their viewpoints. It makes them leave the assignment writing task and attempt it only when its deadline comes near. Consequently, in panic and stress, they end up creating uninspiring assignments. Are you desperate to learn how to go about writing your assignment in the correct manner? Here are the exact online assignment help Melbourne tips you need to follow.

Start tackling any type of assignment easily!

Here is exactly how you need to go about completing your assignment if you want it to be at par with those that are provided by the assignment writing service Melbourne.

#1. Use your reading list and schedule your time

Every course module has an extensive reading list. Always make sure that you utilize those readings in making your assignment. They are sure to provide you with great insights regarding the topic that your professor has assigned you. Also, schedule a time to attempt your assignment daily. Use an app that will help you organize your time and save you from the last-minute rush.

#2. Structure your content wisely

The first paragraph in your assignment should give the readers a brief overview of your topic. It should highlight the key issue, which will be explained in the body part subsequently. Structure your content according to the different sections in your assignment. Make sure that you summarize all your viewpoints in your conclusion.

#3. Proofread smartly

Students often proofread their assignments immediately after writing them. Although it is a good practice, yet it will not help you to pinpoint mistakes that can be found out when you read your assignment after a day or two. So, if you have time, ensure that you are not proofreading just after writing it.

#4. Do not hesitate to cut some text

It can be hard for students to edit out some portions of the text that they have worked hard on and rewrite it again. But if you want to increase readability and support your arguments, then you need to rewrite and make them better. Do not be afraid of eliminating some texts. It will only make your assignment better.

It does not matter if you are looking to get good grades in assignments and want to join cdr engineers Australia; these tips will ensure that you make a great impression.

Summary: Assignment writing is a regular part of college life in Melbourne. The article outlines how students can write better assignments.

Attention! 6 Factors Are Ruining Your Grades in Homework Writing!

Primary level homework writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of many students struggle with homework writing and unable to complete the given task on time, due to which, they look for online experts who provide homework help. A Canadian university has strict guidelines plus conditions which is why the students are unable to achieve the best grades. Apart from guidelines and Canadian university standards, there are many other reasons, due to which, students are unable to score good grades. Well, are you also facing the same issues and are not aware of the factors stopping you from getting an A+? If yes, then have a look at this article and know some of the main factors that you have to improve and work on to get good grades from the experts.

Let’s take a read!

  • Lack of Knowledge
    Many students do not attend regular classes; this is why they lack knowledge about the subject. When the Canadian professor assigns them an academic task, they are not able to complete it and seek homework help Canada services. If you want to get an A+, then you have to be focused and attend the classes regularly to submit the academic paper before the due date.
  • Poor Time Management
    Academic students have a hectic schedule, and most of the time they are not able to manage their time properly. They do not know how to divide the task as per the time. When the students do not submit the document on time, how can they get the best grades in the homework? If you want to ace your academic paper, then you have to manage your time and make a schedule as per your task.
  • Weak Concepts
    Students do not have clarity about the concepts and basics of the subject. They do not write accurate information that has been asked in the topic due to which they get an F grade in the homework. They get stress moreover depressed and fail to submit the document to the professor. To clear all your concepts, you have to analyze the topic and conduct thorough research to gather relevant data and information.
  • Feeble Proofreading Skills
    Students do not recheck their documents after completing the academic paper due to which they get bad feedback from the professor. Very few of them check the homework, but that isn’t of any use. Their proofreading skills are so poor, and they submit a document that contains a lot of flaws. To get an A+, you have to check all the spelling mistakes, punctuation marks, sentence formation, and grammatical errors are appropriate or not. Submit the document after checking all these things and rectifying them accordingly.
  • Scarcity of Concentration
    Students do not want to concentrate on academic writing. It is the main reason that they are not able to score the best grades in the assignment. Concentration is one of the crucial keys to get success and the best grades in academic writing. If you are also unable to concentrate, ensure that you keep your mind focused while writing the document.
  • Unstable Routine
    Students do not prioritize the academic task as per the deadline, this is why they are unable to complete the academic paper. If you want to achieve an A+, you have to maintain your routine and make a schedule before you start writing the document.

These are the factors that you have to ensure while writing the homework and to get the assurance of an A+. In case you are still struggling in writing the academic paper, you can refer to the experts who provide online homework help to the students.

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This article tells you about the factors that are stopping students from getting an A+ in homework writing.

Worried Over Your Assignment? Here’s How You Can Submit It Fast!

Perth in Australia is known for its universities that engage students with an enriching curriculum on a variety of disciplines. Among the numerous ways of assessing students, assignments figure as prominent ones. Through the assignments, the faculty members are able to find out how students are implementing their learning positively. They can also get to know if they understand the various topics in their discipline as well. The assignments that students are assigned are tricky by nature and not uncommon for students to find themselves struggling over them. Many students in universities find themselves time-bound, due to which spending hours and hours in completing their assignments becomes nearly impossible. They are not able to follow stringent deadlines, and dealing with assignments along with exams becomes quite stressful. Excessive stress should be avoided at all costs by students in Perth if they want to progress ahead. It is why in certain circumstances, it becomes imperative for them to find out about a reliable assignment help Perth service. Availing the help of such a service makes it possible for them to submit a great assignment and that too perfectly within the deadline.

Now get high grades in your assignments!

Make your academic life in the university a lot easier by availing the best assignment help service provider in Perth. You are guaranteed to benefit from it immensely.

#1. Highly qualified assignment writing experts

Assignment writing services in Perth consist of highly proficient writers who are engaged in academic writing for several years. The writers are qualified in their domains of study, so you can be assured that you will receive well-researched content in your assignment. There are a wide variety of writers, each catering to a specific subject. It does not matter which discipline you are pursuing; there will be a writer for you.

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#2. All-day services 

The great thing about assignment writers is that they are available at all times to solve your queries. The writers are available at any time of the day, including weekends and other public holidays. So, there is no need for you to hesitate in asking for help. Your question will receive a prompt reply from the writers.

#3. Highly affordable assignment writing services

Another advantage that you receive when you seek help online is the affordable rates of the assignment. The writers are highly proficient; however, you will not be made to pay a hefty amount for their services. You can get your assignment at very reasonable prices. There will be no drop in quality, and the assignment will be made according to your specifications.

#4. No threat of plagiarism

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited in all universities in Perth. The assignment writing experts ensure that they create fully unique and authentic content. They mold your assignment according to the latest research and communicate their views in the best possible manner. They are aware of the way research is to be conducted for any topic, and you can be assured that there will not be even the slightest trace of plagiarism in their work.

If you are struggling with any kind of assignments or CDR writing, go ahead and avail CDR Writing Services in Perth.

Summary: Assignment writing can be quite time-consuming. The article highlights how an assignment writing service in Perth can help students.

5 Takeaways from the Apple Case Study

Case studies are a huge part of most kinds of programs. It is the in-depth examination of a person, organisation, event or phenomenon. Especially if you are a business student, you are bound to face them quite often. You’ll be required to do a case study on the most prominent business figures and organizations. The apple case study is one that is prescribed to all students. Even though it is so fascinating, students search for ‘apple case study help’ every time they are required to write a paper. It is such an iconic business which has gone through a very significant and interesting turn of events in the last 2-3 decades. There is so much to learn from the apple story for every aspiring management student. This article discusses 5 such takeaways, but before that, let’s understand the organisation briefly.

The Apple Story

Apple is one of the Big 4, dealing in computer electronics, computer software and online services. It was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, and was performing well until the 1990s till it started losing to the lower-priced Microsoft. By then, Steve jobs had been forced out of the organisation and the other two founders had left. In 1997 Steve Jobs returned to the organisation, revamped it and made it one of the most successful businesses to ever exist. After his return, he made many strategic decisions and contributed a powerful vision that made all the difference. If you are looking for Apple case study writing help, here are the 5 things we can learn from it :

  1. Simplicity Is Key 

Steve Jobs entire ideology and vision for the organization centred around simplicity. He wanted to set the apple brand apart in the market by offering the consumers uncomplicated technology. While most of the players in that market of any industry strive to add more and more features to their products hoping it would give them a competitive edge, it usually complicates it unnecessarily. Apple set an example of how you can offer simple products of high quality.

  1. Set a Clear Vision

A clear vision for an organization is very crucial. It helps to direct and drive efforts. Steve Jobs had a clear vision of what he wanted the Apple brand to be about and how he wants to achieve that. Their goal was to build a strong consumer base that will then spread the word to the masses.

  1. Focus on Opportunity

Setbacks in the competitor’s strategies and products are always an opportunity. This is something the Apple case study shows. Apple on many occasions has attacked its two main competitors- IBM & Microsoft. Its slogan “Think better” was said to be targeted towards IBM’s slogan “Think.” In 2005 they used the slogan “ I am a Mac, and I am a PC.” which was targeted at Microsoft.

  1. Invest Resources in Strategy

When you make a strategy, the most important thing is to invest all resources- efforts and money in it. Apple formed a strategy of creating a brand image of “Apple makes technology so simple; everyone can be part of the future.”

and aligned all resources behind it, making sure they use it at every touchpoint- be it communication or brand positioning.

  1. Leveraging Market Impact

Apple has created a very strong brand positioning in the minds of the consumers. They share a strong bond with their customers. It leverages that by creating hype for every product they launch. This hype excites the brand advocates who spread the word to the masses.

There is so much to learn from the case study of Apple, as there are very few brands that have bounced back stronger after such a slump. So before you look for an Apple case study writing service consider the above-mentioned points that touch the key points of the case study.

Summary: This write-up aims to provide students the key points they can takeaway from the apple case study.

Best tips for making the Management assignment

Academic life is very challenging for the students because they have to handle different types of tasks daily. And one of the major tasks is assignment writing. Especially students who are in the management department. They have to write lengthy assignments. 

In this blog, students will get some useful tips for writing the management assignment.

Students can also take management assignment help Australia to avail the top-quality material. The expert will give all the required information for writing the management assignment.

Follow these tips for write a better management assignment

Use all the sources of details

After the assignment’s guidelines and deadline, if students take regular lectures, they have much information for the assignment writing. But most of the students ignore their lecture details. Also, understand how assignments will be categorized and marked on the list. The instructor will provide a chart that students need to go through. And check which question contains the highest marks and low marks. 

Students have to attempt the assignment question according to the list. If students are stuck with any problem, then go for a management assignment help Australia service. Students also have other resources for collecting the information, such as online sites, lecture video recordings, sample assignments, etc.

Do not copy the content from the referencing sources.

When students are searching for information through many resources, at that time, make sure you do not copy the content or their ideas without attribution because it is a big mistake considered by all the universities if students do not want to be involved in these types of situations. Then you should take project management assignment help. Also, for writing the marketing assignment, students need to select a particular writing style.

If students ever copy the content to project, then it will arise as a plagiarism error. So, to avoid these plagiarism errors, take library textbooks. And find the relevant books and information according to the assignment topic.

Planning is must

For every assignment writing, students always make a perfect plan. And follow it through the entire process. Because if a person wants to build a house, he needs a blueprint of his house. Same with assignment writing, you need an outline so that they can cover each aspect. In the planning, students need to decide the headings, sections, information, and sources. 

If students have any confusion, then consult the experts of project management assignment help. Most of the experts suggest students make a detailed outline, including headings and subheadings.

Planning will not help achieve more grades, but it will reduce the time of the assignment writing process. Students can directly search based on the outline and headings. Students can also go for the Australian assignment help.

How Taking Data Structure Help from Online Writers Can Benefit You?

The data structure, a subject that is concerned with organizing, managing, and then storing the data for future use, is an important part of any programming students’ need. The subject is immensely difficult to master by a student who has pressure and stress on the head. The complexity and importance of the subjects often compel a student to take data structure assignment help.

There is an ample number of writing service providers that helps student do their data structure assignment with ease. They either completely do the assignment for the student or assist them based on the student’s need. Several benefits that one can avail from professional writers have been listed below in detail:

  • Ph.D. level experts

This is the major reason that any student looks for an online writer. Most of the writing services have Ph.D. holders sitting at the desk to write your assignment. They are well-versed with data structure concepts and have hands-on experience in using all the data types.

  • Affordable pricing 

The price list that they have kept is extremely low. They target every sector of the society, and hence the low rate list is mandatory. The entire rate list is mentioned on their web portal for the students to calculate an estimated amount.

  • Timely delivery 

Lack of time often makes a student look for help. With these professionals beside you, even the most stringent deadlines can be met without delay. Most of them hold records of not missing any deadline. You can verify their punctuality by checking testimonials on their site by previous customers also.

  • Error-free content 

To make the work an A-grade one, flawlessness is required. An erroneous work is never appreciated and can even be rejected at times. These online writers have an editing team who works on the flawlessness of the document and resolves even the minute errors before delivering.

  • Unique work 

No work that these writing service providers deliver is plagiarized. They run the work through high-end tools to detect plagiarism and resolve any such issue. They even generate plagiarism reports if required by the student.

  • Unlimited revisions 

This is the best part of hiring these professionals. They respect your opinion and revise the assignment for any changes that the student is looking for. All the amendments are done on a priority basis without taking any extra charge. You can even ask for an unlimited number of revisions.

  • 24/7 assistance 

Call them or message these online writers at any hour of the day and expect a prompt reply. They work on a round-the-clock basis as they understand that doubts mostly arise at odd hours of the day.

Apart from the mentioned perks, the discounts and offers that these writing service providers offer are irresistible. One can even be sure of the confidentiality that these professionals maintain. To know them better, just drop any one of them a message or call and get your doubts resolved within minutes.


The article is written to highlight the perks that students get by hiring online writers for data structure assignments.


Done With Your Assignment? Use BEST Technique to Give Final Touch

Are you looking for assignment help to make your document perfect? If yes, then do not worry; this article will help you in making your assignment perfect by following a simple but effective ‘BEST’ technique.

Assignments carry a weightage of marks which reflect in the scorecard of a student. It is easier to score marks, the reason why students make more efforts and are focused on completing their assignments in time.

But the fact, students tend to lose marks due to little mistakes. It affects their grades in the scorecard poorly. Then, the question of ‘How can my assignment help me in scoring high grades?’ arises. The reason why professionals have come up with this strategy to help students score well by giving the final touch to the document.

But now, follow the ‘BEST’ strategy to not let tiny mistakes affect your future endeavor:

B- Brush-off Typos: Typing error is the most common mistake done by any student in an assignment. Therefore, it is advised to edit and proofread the final document to spot such errors and make changes accordingly before submitting the final document to the professor. It will help you eliminate these silly mistakes and score good grades.

E- Eradicate Plagiarism: Plagiarism-free content is the demand of every college or university to determine the originality of content. Plagiarism can also be unintentional; in the off chance that a student picks a line or phrase from the internet, then it shows the line as plagiarized.

To eliminate these problems, the student must check the plagiarism of the final document and make the necessary changes to adhere to the guidelines of writing the assignment. If you are a Canadian student, and struggling with the plagiarized content, then you can avail yourself of assignment help Canada service online.

S- Source Your Information: Another guideline that demands citing all the sources from which the information or data has been collected. It gives the evidence to support the information included in the assignment. It also helps in avoiding plagiarism in the document. A citation can be done using different styles, but a student should use one style consistently throughout.

T- Timely Submission: After giving the final touch to your document and making it a perfect one, it is also important to adhere to the submission deadline to get your document approved. Polishing a complete document requires so much effort, but if it gets rejected just because of the submission deadline, then it is very disheartening. Therefore, making a perfect document is not only enough; it is important to submit it on time.

The above is the ‘BEST’ strategy for bringing perfection to your final document. It will not only help you score better than your classmates but create a positive impression on the professor.

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This article shares the ‘BEST’ strategy to polish your final document to score high grades. Students often take assignment help online, but now this strategy will help you make a perfect document.